Funny story…

So, I’ve learned recently that (apparently) the best way for me to get hits on my blog is to leave inflammatory comments on religious sites. Really! A friend on facebook posted a link to this silly post on how a girl’s choice not to wear a bikini to the beach is a great favor to all the men who then don’t have to be tempted by her luscious stomach. (Or something.) Obviously, I don’t agree, and said so. But my little comment got me about FIVE TIMES as much traffic as I was getting on my own. I have no idea if any of them read anything, but there were a TON of them.

So far, that’s my ace in the hole, the big trick that my two weeks (or is it three weeks?) of blogging have taught me. Troll blogs that have nothing to do with yours, then sit back and reap the sweet, sweet rewards. I’m pretty sure that’s solid blogging practice, right?

(Anyway, there’s a longer, better post to come soon. Just thought I should share my vast, helpful experience in the meantime.)


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